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The attention of the watch industry turns to the UK in the anticipation of the fourth annual Hublot Replica Watches, the only British event devoted solely to fine watchmaking. In the organization of the nation's leading watch publication QP Magazine, around 50 high-end brands will be displaying the latest jewels of horology from 8 to 10 November in the Saatchi Gallery in London. Salon QP will showcase new exciting watches from around 40 high-end manufacturers, including some of the industry's giants, alongside the independent and original watch manufacturers. The event will also include the latest products by the domestic watchmakers, as well as numerous presentations and discussions which will be attended by some of the leading authorities in the field. Besides, there will be a preview screening of The Watchmaker's Apprentice, a documentary about the legendary watchmaker, late Dr George Daniels, and his only apprentice, Roger Smith. Featured by JLC's Spherotourbillon, Tag Heuer's Mikrotourbillon, Urwerk-210 and Harry Winston's Opus 12, Hublot Replica Watches in London will be displaying around 1,000 high-end watches in total.

After the last year's edition of the fair that featured the record numbers of both exhibitors and visitors, Hublot Replica Watches will once again be organized in the Saatchi Gallery which is located in Chelsea, the upscale area of Central London.Hublot Replica Watches The fair in the organization of the QP Magazine and its editor, James Gurney, will round up a wide and diverse selection of contemporary horological marvels. Such variety is caused by the fact that the list of exhibitors does not only include the industry's giants (such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Piaget and Vacheron Constantin) and independent brands that emerged relatively recently (for example MBF or Urwerk), but also the timepieces with wide array of designs (including classic styles, opulently decorated and quirky futuristic pieces). Regardless of the watches styling, as well as the size and the tradition of the exhibiting brands, all of the displayed timepieces are made in accordance with exceptionally high standards and can be considered as the pinnacle of the current watchmaking.

Stars of the ShowDespite the overall high standards of construction, four of the exhibited pieces are expected to be the most interesting to the visitors,zenith replica and are marked as the stars of the show by the organizers. The first of them is Jeager-leCoultre Duometre Spherotourbillon, firstly presented at this year's edition of SIHH in Geneva where it stole the show and was proclaimed as the watch of the show by many pundits. It is a groundbreaking watch that features a multi-axis tourbillon which is much more capable of coping with the harmful effects of the gravity than the regular tourbillons are, and it features a dual-wing movement with the separate power sources for timekeeping and for complication.

The next star of the London event is TAG Heuer MikrotourbillonS, the only mechanical chronograph that features both an extremely accurate stop watch function with the precision of 1/100th of a second and the tourbillon complication. As one of the highlights of the show, the organizers also marked the new piece by Urwerk UR-210 we recently reviewed. It features yet-unseen power efficiency complication, supplemented by the extraordinary large minute hand and the brand's characteristic satellite hour display.