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Omega Replica's RM 56 sapphire-encased watch series, third generation, is superior to its predecessors in terms of both features and price. The RM56-02 is also made of sapphire, which can be extremely difficult to complete. It may take up to 40 days to finish. The newcomer's movement, including the barrel bridges and tourbillions are also made from the sapphire material. This complicates the construction of the watch. The Omega Replica's caliber is suspended in the air and attached to sapphire case using braided cable and pulley systems. The 10 pieces of this limited edition timekeeper cost $2,020,000.

Omega Replica's Sapphire Components & Cable-Held CaliberRM56 collection is based on an unusual concept. The housing is made from sapphire, which is known to be extremely difficult to produce. Two years ago, the first timekeeper in the series was made for Felipe Massa and it was a split-seconds clock. The next version Swiss Replica Watches went a step further and included more sapphire components in the movement. It even had a bridge and baseplate made from the material. This third member, which we will now present, takes the idea to the next level by including even more sapphire components. It also includes a system that suspends the titanium mainplate in the air using ultra-thin cables. The first time this approach was used in RM27-01, made for Rafa.

The value of pieces in the RM 56 collection can demonstrate the evolution of the sapphire cased watches and their further enrichment with intricate calibers. The first version was priced at $ 1,65 million, the second brought it close to $2 million ($1,95 millions), and the third even exceeds that magic figure of $2,000,000 by over $20,000.

The sapphire parts alone require 57 days of machining.Roger Dubuis Replica Watches This is the most time-consuming process. It takes about 40 days to make the case. The sapphire bridges on the movement take another 17 days. Omega Replica contacted Stettler, the world's leading sapphire producer, in Lyss, Switzerland, to produce such a large amount of sapphire.

Omega Replica is not only a trove of sapphire components, but also boasts a system to attach the movement into the transparent case. The system, which includes ten pulleys (4 on the case and 6 on the main plate) and a 0.35mm cable, gives the appearance that the watch is floating. The cable tension can be adjusted by a ratchet, and the indicator on top of dial will show if it is at optimal values.

The Omega Replica is topped with a white Aerospace Nano bracelet, made from synthetic material developed by Biwi SA for the brand.